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Underwood 315 Typewriter

Underwood 315 Typewriter

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Presenting the iconic Underwood 315 Typewriter!

Crafted with durable fiber materials and featuring a striking three tone color scheme, this Typewriter offers the ideal balance of design and functionality, producing effortlessly smooth and precise typing - as is evident in the accompanying video.

This Typewriter comes with a very rare original square-shaped carry case of a different Underwood Typewriter (the inside of the case says: Case and Typewriter Made in Italy). This Underwood 315 was built in Barcelona, Spain. The beautiful leather case adds an extra layer of portability. An original case is a rarity in the Typewriter world.

This classic Typewriter is beloved for its functionality and aesthetic appeal. As a practical and attractive machine, the Underwood 315 Typewriter is sure to be a statement piece in your home or workspace.

Packed with power and elegance, its superior writing experience is unmatched. Take your creativity to the next level with the Underwood 315!

This Typewriter is fully functional & ready to type on straight out of the box, and will keep typing perfectly for decades to come.

Our master technicians, each with decades of experience, carefully restore each Typewriter to its original glory, while preserving its unique wear and tear. This ensures that each Typewriter is a one-of-a-kind collectible masterpiece.

Customise your Typewriter - get it painted in any colour & get your name, or any other text stylistically embossed on it, and create your own, limited edition, personalised masterpiece - the only one of its kind in the world! Click here for details.

Grab your own piece of history today!

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Customise your Typewriter

Get your Typewriter painted in any colour and even get your name, or any other text stylistically embossed on it, and create your own, limited edition, personalised statement piece - the only one of its kind in the world. See how it works!

To customise, place your order and call or whatsapp us on +91 9312209152